Opinion: How the government and media benefits from the Sydney Siege

Article publié le 17/12/2014 sur le site d'information Australien TottNews, à lire dans son intégralité sur http://tottnews.com/2014/12/17/opinion-how-the-government-and-media-benefits-from-the-sydney-siege/.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the nation was stopped as a reported 16 hour siege in the heart of Sydney’s CBD by Muslim Cleric, Man Haron Monis came to an end with police fatally engaging the suspect holding 17 hostages in Lindt Cafe. The aftermath has left a country in shock, and left most in disbelief at the startling narrative that has unfolded right before our eyes.

Indeed, to the credit of the Australian public, an unbreakable show of unity has prevailed through this shocking event; through the fear and through the attempted division – reminding us all of the strength we have when we are united as one.

However, as Ethan Nash examines in the following opinion piece, the mainstream media and government establishments are once again using fear-mongering, sensationalism, bias reporting and emotional programming to distract and continue to feed a number of agendas that are eroding the best interests of the Australian people on a daily basis.

The echos of opinion – much like this piece – have been accentuated in widespread fashion across internet platforms, televisions sets and political arenas following the recent events in Martin Place, Sydney. Some have said it is a false flag, some of said it’s a hoax – and, some – are divided amongst specific details of the official narrative. Indeed, there are many troubling questions in the aftermath of this event; many inconsistencies, theories and confusion as to what took place this morning in Sydney.

  • How did one of the most comprehensive intelligence networks on the planet allow a man – who was known to media, courts, intelligence & police before the event – to carry out this siege so easily?? Surely the incompetence is not this prevalent? Didn’t we just raise the ‘terrorism alert level’ to high?? Why was he not on a suspected ASIO terror list?

As details continue to arise, it isn’t safe – as an objective journalist – to assume either side of the story is correct at this point in time. The only thing I can do is expose who benefits, whether staged or real, from the events that have occurred at Martin Place in Sydney.


In the eyes of the establishment, the last 24 hours have proven everything our intelligence and government officials have warned the Australian public about for the better half of 3 months – and that is – the ‘lone wolf’ extremest is almost impossible to stop. We’ve all been subjected to the ‘lone wolf’ theory for most of our lives, from Lee Harvey Oswald, to Martin Bryant, to Adam Lanza and many more – this type of individual represents everything the government cannot protect us from as a free and democratic society.

Here is just one article I have found this morning following the siege via The Guardian.

‘Sydney siege represents sum of all Australian fears over terror threat’

            To many Australians, regardless of the suspect’s motivations, the siege was the sum of all fears – an event that has moved from being considered fanciful in the post-9/11 days to almost inevitable just over a decade later. More Australians per capita than almost any other nationality have travelled to join Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, a statistic that disturbs the government and preoccupies the intelligence community.

            Australia’s Secret Intelligence Service has devoted a large swath of its resources to staying on top of the threat in the region, but there is a nagging fear that not enough can be done despite best intentions.

As the first batch of anti-terrorism legislation was passing through the Senate and House of Representatives in early October, it did so off the fear and subsequent suspension of rational thinking following the Numan Haider incident in Melbourne.

A timeline of fear, paranoia and media sensationalism from the Australian media was responsible for justifying some of the worst legislative pieces in Australian history slipping through the respective levels of government without a hint of opposition. In an almost empty Senate on each occasion, few have been present to see our civil liberties desecrated and our nation emphatically take a step to turning into a 1984-esque mirror of surveillance, suppression and control.

These legislative pieces include the ability for ASIO to monitor the entire Australian internet, be immune from civil or criminal liability, jail whistleblowers and journalist for up to 10 years, attack ‘preachers of hate’ for their beliefs and enforce 12 hours curfews/easier control orders, prevent travel to ‘conflict zones’, allow officers to search a premises and their neighbors premises; not alerting them for over 6 months and much much more.

Yet again, it seems more and more evident that history is set to repeat itself in the wake of this siege in Sydney, and this is something the political powers and corporations behind them have been begging for since this ‘timeline of terror’ ensued. Australian Journalist, David Marr agrees:

            “This will be used to justify so much: controversial security laws the Abbott government has already passed, the metadata retention law waiting in the wings and heaven knows what other laws may now be dreamed up in the aftermath of the chocking deaths in the Lindt cafe.”

Ironic, isn’t it? As the final nightmare wave of anti-terrorism legislative pieces continues to be debated in the Senate, the official narrative is now the ‘uncertain environment’ of fear to stop lone wolfs, with the intelligence community restricted in preventing events like this due to ‘lack of power’. Indeed, what better than to use this as a focal argument point to push through the mandatory storing of all individual metadata for 2 years?

Don’t believe me? Well, it has already started to become a reality – via ABC News.

‘Parliamentary committee considers third wave of new security laws as Sydney mourns siege deaths’

 The Chairman of Federal Parliament’s Joint Intelligence and Security Committee, Dan Tehan, has questioned whether the Government needs further powers in the wake of the Sydney siege.

The committee was currently investigating the Government’s third wave of new national security laws into retaining phone and computer data.

 Mr Tehan said he expected the Government to separately consider whether its new suite of measures would be enough to prevent lone wolf attacks.

Lisez la suite sur le site original : http://tottnews.com/2014/12/17/opinion-how-the-government-and-media-benefits-from-the-sydney-siege/



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